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Winners for the Mini Rex Breed at the 2001 ARBA Convention


Listed below are the Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed Winners for the Mini Rex Breed at the 2001 ARBA Convention, a Rabbit Odyssey held in San Diego California. Also a listing of all BOV and BOSV winners, their owners and the Judges.

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Best of Breed: Sr. Broken Doe
Best Opposite of Breed: Jr. Blue Buck Best Opposite of Breed- Brimstone
BLACKS 73 rabbits 31 Exh:Judged by Robert Frizzell Jr.
BOV- Sr. Doe #Harli, Patty Kovell
BOSV- Jr. Buck, #3YS, Koelyn Hooper
BLUE-16 rab by 11 exh, Judged by Robert P. Frizzell, Jr
BOV - Jr. Buck, #37 IPK, Freda Kraus
BOSV- Jr. Doe, B2,Doug King
BROKEN- 200 by 53, Judged by Karen Heinz
BOV -Sr. Doe,#PRE, Cathy McGuinness
BOSV- Sr.Buck #MAMBO, Janis Fossati
CASTOR- 173 by 44, Judged by Bruce Ornsby
BOV- Jr. Doe, ROCA, Mike Winstead
now owned by Teresa & Don Denney
sired by Sam, the litter mate of Miss Kitty, BIS '94 ARBA Conv, owned by A. Lassen
BOSV-Jr. Buck, Elcid, Sandy Lowry
CHINCHILLA- 28 by 6, Judged by R. Frizzell Jr
BOV- Jr. Doe, CRG1, Sue Morton
BOSV-Jr. Buck, ESB1, Pa. Linnes
CHOCOLATE- 23 by 11, Judged by R. Frizzell Jr
BOV Jr. Doe, C207, Julia and Sarah Vicker
BOSV Sr. Buck #MUD, Jennifer Milburn
HIMALAYAN- 33 by 12, Judged by R. Frizzell, Jr
BOV- Jr. Doe, JCW3Z, Jeremy and Charlie Watmuff
BOSV- Sr. Buck, H3, Doug King
LILAC- 15 by 8, Judged by Randy Waggoner
BOV, Sr. Doe, NVA, Mary J. Fagalde
BOSV, Sr. Buck, 180CP, Charity and Brandon Potter
LYNX- 28 by 11, Judged by Randy Waggoner
Bov- Sr. Doe, Lady, Jeanette Hamlow
BOSV- Jr. Buck, #KIT, Floyd and Pat Hensley
OPAL- 30 by 18, Judged by Randy Waggoner
BOV Sr. Doe #Y, Cindy Wickizer
BOSV- Jr. Buck, #03, Doug King
RED- 39 by 15, Judged by Randy Waggoner
BOV Sr. Buck, PAN, Robin Brunk
BOSV- Sr. Doe, RLV, Janice Fiori
SEAL- 8 by 6, Judged by R. Waggoner
BOV Jr. Doe, YR, Janis Fossati
BOSV Sr. Buck, RC3, Sue Morton
TORT, 16 x 7, Judged by R. Waggoner
BOV Sr. Doe, 3MW, Mike Winstead
BOSV Sr. Buck, SHELBY, Pam Linnes
WHITE 66 by 24, Judged by Randy Waggoner
BOV - Jr. Doe, CHINA, Sandy Lowry
BOSV- Jr. Buck, #F, Cindy Wickizer