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Cottonwood's Blue Line

        Cottonwood Farms Blue line began quite by accident. It was not a color I was intending to get into but sometimes life throws you a good curve ball! My white doe MR3, who is a true LILAC, threw me a gorgeous blue doe named Twinkle. She had more blues and I took one to show in Colorado in late 2000. There Sapphire took BOV and BOSV. The buck that beat her in one show for BOV already had 7 legs and one BIS and was owned by Diane Campbell of Arizona. Diane was into Hollands but kept her beautiful blue GC buck, QD Bronc. She let me take him home for a year where I tried to make more blues for her. Sapphire died giving birth and we could not save the babies. I then tried Bronc with other does and got gorgeous offspring who always placed BOV but the does would hit 5 lbs! So.... I tried crossing him with little 3 1/2 lb Gan Nadeeny a black doe I bought from Gerry- I got 2 black does.... Porsche and Mercedes, who won 2nd and 3rd place Sr.Black Doe's at Nationals! Porsche was sold to a breeder in Texas and Mercedes went home with Diane. I next bred Bronc to GC Cottonwood's SKY, a blue doe, and got YODA, a beautiful buck that easily granded and also went to Texas. I bred Bronc back to SKY before Bronc returned to Arizona and got DARE and FLAIR who are doing well on the table each trading BOV's and BOSV's. I then was offered BLUE WAVE by Koelyn Hoeper who lives in No. Calif. WAVE won BOV Blue at the 2000 ARBA convention and now has an awesome litter om the ground!

Cottonwood's BOWTIE
Broken Blue Buck now owned by Corina McIntyre of Jumpin Bunny Rabbitry in Carpinteria
By Daisy and Yoda
OCEANA, Blue doe
by GC Cottonwood's SKY and GC ARBA Conv BOV winner, Blue Wave
Blue Wave
BOV Blue at 2000 ARBA Convention
Cottonwood's Flair
Blue Doe by Sky and Bronc

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