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Cottonwood's Black Line

        I completely phased out the blacks I had- they were not of great calibur and needed an overhaul! We started over with a Group of 3 from Gerry Westgard- 2 does and one buck. The buck, Gan Bartholemew, or BGA, is sired by Buresh's Black Boy out of BFC. He is small and has great type and color and has 2 legs. The does were Niello and Nadeeny, full sisters. Gerry said they were the best blacks he raised in 2000 and were slated to be on his show team. The does were sired by a broken castor buck, NCS and out of BCU, a black doe, who placed top 5 in her class in Kentucky at Nationals. Nadeeny came bred to B&B's NAM and I got a castor doe out of the mating that went BOB out of 154 in No. Calif- Gan Wynona.

         I like to breed true to color types so I then bred Nadeeny to QD Bronc, Gr. Ch. Blue Buck and got a gorgeous litter of blacks. Two of the does, Mercedes and Porsche, went 2nd and 3rd at ARBA convention. Harli, BOV Black at ARBA convention this year, was sired by Gan Bart and a broken black doe, Daisy (a doe with 6 generations of Cottonwood )

         Nadeeny was rebred to YODA, a Gr. Ch. Blue buck by QD Bronc, and produced another gorgeous litter of blacks, 2 does and a buck, all easily earning legs in large classes.

         Ye Wee Black lines- My gorgeous doe, Katja, who will be at Nationals is a grand daughter of Ye Wee's Peachy Keen, a Gr. Ch. red buck out of Ye Wee's Midnight Dream, a Grand Champion black doe. I had been breeding Keen and his castor son, NIK, to my castor does and got blacks in the litters, such as SPADE (5 Legs) and Katja, who has 2 legs. The blacks have excellent type and fur and will be shown and then bred true, black to black or blue. It will take years to create a line of pure blacks.....but I have the right stuff and will blend the Ye Wee blacks to the Gan blacks. The first of these blended litters are on the ground and looking great!


Blacks from the Gan line

Cottonwood's Anisa by Gan Nadeeny and Cottonwood's Yoda (GC Blue Buck) , 2 Legs and now a mother (a lucky accident as she has a gorgeous blue and black by her brother)
Dam: Gan Nadeeny Sire: Cottonwood's Yoda (Gr. Ch. Blue buck)
Gan Nadeeny, brood doe supreme!


Cottonwood's Katja, 1 BOV and 1 BOSV LEG
Dam- Cottonwood's Niki
Sire- is Cottonwood's Nik
Dam-Hareport's Kayla
Sire: Cottonwood's NIK (by Peachy Keen (red) whose dam was Midnight Dream Gr. Ch Doe)

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